We are mBolden, a global community of 10,000+ women working together to support and empower female leadership. Our organization has its origins in the Mobile Marketing Association’s Women in Wireless committee, co-founded by Laura Marriott and Connie Wong. Women in Wireless launched as a separate organization led by Veronika Sonsev and Charlotte Fors in 2006, with the mission of helping female leaders succeed in the male-dominated mobile tech industry.


Since our inception, we have grown into a 10,000-strong community with a membership that spans all career levels and disciplines. We re-launched as mBolden with a fresh brand and perspective in 2019, as the line between mobile and digital became indistinguishable. Our mission, however, remains the same. We strive to to help women raise their voice and visibility in the mobile, digital marketing, and online industries. We achieve this through our Speakers Bureau, The MADWomen Podcast,  corporate partnerships, Slack community, job board, training programs, content, and events. Membership is free, and open to everyone in the mobile, digital marketing, and online industries.

Our Partnerships

We have partnerships with Facebook, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, as well as every major mobile and tech conference in the world. These industry links and corporate partners give our members access to networking opportunities with leaders in their fields. 


Our Chapters

One of mBolden’s greatest strengths is our chapter network. We have 10 chapters in cities across the US and worldwide, providing our members with a local community of women entrepreneurs and leaders, wherever they are. Each chapter runs its own program of events, including morning meet-ups, training programs, and panel talks. These events are a great way for members to expand their networks and develop themselves professionally.

Our Content

The wearembolden.org site features a blog, speaker's bureau, job board for mobile & digital women, and our MADWomen Podcast. In our bi-weekly newsletter we provide updates and points of view relevant to women in our industry.



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