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It’s a sobering fact that in 2019, women are still underrepresented at senior levels in the business world. On executive leadership teams and in the boardroom, we remain significantly outnumbered and this is especially true on stage. According to Gender Champions, a global think tank, there are twice as many men as women speaking on Security, International Law, Science  & Technology, and IT/Telecom at industry events. Those of us who have been the only woman on a panel, time and again, might find that statistic overly optimistic.


We launched the mBolden Speakers Bureau with the goals of getting more brilliant women on stage and eradicating the concept of manels once and for all.  Our members have graced the stage at prominent events, and conferences around the world, including MAU Vegas, Mobile Growth Summit, Mobile World Congress, App Promotion Summit, WITI, Mobile Venture Summit, Women in Stem Conference, and Open Mobile Summit.

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mBolden speakers have appeared on stages around the world, including: